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Press Release Writing News They Can Use


A video news release template is an important tool for your company. It can help to get your business seen by the media, build relationships with journalists and other influencers, and promote your brand. But if you're not using a template or writing your own news hook (or both!), then you might end up with a poor-quality release that doesn't do any of these things well. So what should you include in a press release? In this article we'll explain exactly how to write one so that it achieves all three goals: getting published by journalists (and other readers), being effective at promoting your brand or product, and actually helping other people get information about what happened in their industry!


Press release writing is an art. If you want to learn how to write one, start by looking at the template below. It’s a good way to get the basics down and get your tone right. You can also use it as a guide for structuring your press release so that it reads well and flows smoothly without having too much unnecessary padding or repetition in your text.

News Hook

A news hook is the headline of your press release. It should be written in such a way that it grabs the reader's attention and makes them want to read on.

A good news hook is one that:

  • Is interesting and relevant to their audience (not generic)

  • Has an important subject matter related to what your company does or sells. This could include something like "The Company Has Released Its New Product Line," or "The Company Has Announced Plans To Open Their First Store In Chicago."

  • Represents something new, relevant, or exciting about what you do at this point in time (not just describing what has already happened).

Company Details

The company details section is where you can provide the public with information about your company. This includes:

  • Company name

  • Company description (a short sentence or two)

  • Address and phone number of the company headquarters, as well as any additional contact information that will be helpful to readers when they call or email you.


Statistics are a great way to add depth and context to your music video press release. They can be included in the body of your press release or they can be used as an independent section that accompanies other content, such as facts and figures.

To find statistics that are relevant for your audience, search for terms related to what you're writing about on Google News or Bing News (if you're using Microsoft Word). You'll need at least three sentences of text before searching for statistics—you don't want them cluttering up your story!


Quotes are a great way to make your press release stand out. You can use quotes from the company, the spokesperson, or even CEO and CTO.

If you have quotes from other people in your industry that would be great too! It's easy for journalists to agree with one another in their writing so it makes sense if they want to quote someone else on their article as well. If possible find out what kind of information each person has provided for journalists before contacting them about contributing content for your release because this will help shape how much time/space each person should get when speaking with journalists who may not already know all that much about what goes on behind closed doors at these companies

Your press release needs to be formatted properly and have a news hook to be effective

If you are writing a press release for music video, it is important to make sure that your text is formatted properly and includes a news hook. The news hook is the reason why people will want to read or share your press release. This can be an interesting fact or an event that occurred recently in relation to your business or industry.

Your press release should also contain quotes from other people who have been quoted in similar articles, as well as details about yourself and/or company information like its address, phone number or website URL (unless there’s no need for this). This helps provide credibility with readers because they know who wrote it and why they chose certain words over others when writing their own copy!

Stats are another great way of informing potential readers about how successful this particular business has been since opening its doors last year -- whether growth rates have been steady throughout that period; what kind of figures were achieved during each quarter; etcetera...


Creating a video news release techniques is a great way to get your company noticed. Here are some tips for writing effective releases, as well as how to format them properly.

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