Withings ScanWatch clears FDA approval and it can warn you of more medical problems than an Apple Watch

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(Pocket-lint) - Withings is known for its subtle smartwatches that look thing similar a portion of computerised tech. However, instrumentality a person look and you’ll find that the company’s offerings bring much blase wellness tracking features to the array than adjacent Apple does. 

Now, acknowledgment to newfound FDA clearance, the Withings ScanWatch is coming to America. 

The ScanWatch offers respective health-first functionalities, including taking ECGs that cheque for atrial fibrillation, aka A-fib - which successful lawsuit you’re unaware, is the aesculapian word for an irregular heartbeat. 

And portion the Apple Watch besides supports A-fib detection via an ECG with support nether the FDA, the regulatory similarities halt there. 

Despite some the Apple Watch and ScanWatch having humor oxygen monitors, only Withings’ has the FDA clearance - technically making it the lone smartwatch connected the American marketplace to diagnostic some ECG and humor oxygen measurement support nether the Nation's astir large authorities wellness agency. 

At the moment, the large hitch with humor oxygen monitoring, medically shorthanded arsenic a SpO2 reading, is with its inherent nexus to COVID-19 detection. 

Statistically, those who trial affirmative for the microorganism typically spot a simplification successful humor oxygen levels. Thanks to Withings’ authoritative aesculapian clearance, it tin marque a unrecorded aesculapian recommendation, dissimilar the Apple Watch, which volition lone show your humor oxygen level arsenic a percent and thing more. No recommendations nary substance what your results are - nothing. 

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Rather attractively, Withings besides undercuts the Apple Watch heavy connected terms too. The ScanWatch retails for $279 / £249 connected the 38mm exemplary and $299 / £279 for the larger 42mm edition. 


While it, of course, lacks the high-tech show and different supplementary features recovered connected the Apple Watch, that’s benignant of the full constituent of Withings’ full doctrine successful the archetypal place, isn’t it? 

The ScanWatch volition beryllium disposable for acquisition successful the United States sometime successful aboriginal November. 

Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published connected 14 October 2021.

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