Why Helicopters Land in a Local Elementary School Field

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Arlington nonmigratory Liam McBride was playing Spikeball with friends 1 August nighttime connected the writer tract astatine Arlington Traditional School erstwhile a chopper prepared to land.

Soon, the Arlington County Fire Department was connected the field, clearing retired McBride and his friends.

“They placed flares onto the ground, and a chopper started flying around,” helium said. “We thought Biden was landing to get medevaced. The chopper landed astir 9:50, and a drunk dude went to effort and speech to them.”

The chopper did not incorporate President Biden. But astatine 10 p.m. connected Friday, Aug. 6, the ATS tract successful the Bluemont vicinity was being utilized by the Virginia Hospital Center and MedStar Transport for a chopper landing.

The healthcare providers enactment with ACFD to usage the tract for chopper landings erstwhile patients request to beryllium moved to different facilities. This happens less than 5 times a year, according to ACFD spokesperson Capt. Justin Tirelli. On adjacent rarer occasions, the halfway uses helicopters to transport organs arsenic well, helium said.

The tract astatine ATS is 1 of astir 20 designated landing zones for helicopters successful the county. Most of the zones are utilized lone for emergencies.

“Let’s accidental we person a superior car mishap oregon a superior pain patient, and we privation to get them to the burn center successful D.C., but we cognize that it’s gonna beryllium a important crushed transport time. If we person a landing portion adjacent to america we tin designate that arsenic a spot to rendezvous with the helicopter,” Tirelli said.

The ATS tract is mostly utilized by the hospitals and is the tract of astir of the landings, successful portion due to the fact that patients don’t often take to beryllium medevaced since they, oregon their security companies, person to wage the precocious costs.

In the lawsuit of a landing, firefighters get to wide retired a landing zone. A squad of 4 sets up flares, removes radical and different obstructions from the field, and lets the aviator cognize of immoderate imaginable hazards, specified arsenic antennas and powerfulness lines. The chopper relation coordinates with ACFD’s dispatch halfway to fto them cognize that an craft is inbound.

“It tin beryllium successful arsenic small arsenic 5 minutes, oregon sometimes it tin beryllium scheduled good up of time,” Tirelli said.

Shortly aft the chopper lands, the diligent is picked up from VHC successful a backstage ambulance and brought to the chopper.

In immoderate cases, the occurrence section calls helicopters to the ATS tract themselves to medevac a diligent from the hospital.

“That’s precise rare. We bash that possibly 1 clip a year,” said Tirelli.

Not each chopper landing successful Arlington has been planned, however. Five years agone a subject chopper experiencing mechanical problems landed connected Yorktown High School’s shot field connected a Friday night. It took backmost disconnected aft repairs were completed.

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