What is Spotify Car Thing and how do you get on the waitlist for one?

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(Pocket-lint) - Spotify has developed a astute media subordinate for vehicles. It's called Car Thing, and it comes with enactment for “Hey Spotify” dependable commands.

For the archetypal merchandise launch, Spotify said it would springiness retired Car Thing for escaped to a constricted radical of Premium subscribers successful the US. Now, it's expanding availability and readying to complaint $80 for the device. Here's what you request to cognize astir Car Thing, including however to get one.

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What is Spotify's Car Thing?

In its blog station announcing Car Thing, Spotify described the instrumentality arsenic a "smart subordinate that fills your car with music, news, entertainment, talk, and more".

It features a carnal dial connected the beforehand on with a 4-inch touchscreen, positive 4 microphones astatine the apical and 4 preset buttons for controls. You tin power your car's audio done Car Thing utilizing either “Hey Spotify” commands oregon the device's dial, screen, and preset buttons. 

 Car Thing requires a Spotify Premium subscription, and, of course, an iOS oregon Android smartphone with Wi-Fi oregon mobile information connection.

How does Spotify's Car Thing work?

Think of Car Thing arsenic an infotainment center, but 1 that plays contented exclusively from the Spotify library. It needs to brace with your smartphone (Spotify implicit Bluetooth) for a information connection. You tin past usage Bluetooth, AUX, oregon a USB cablegram to link to your car’s audio system. Car Thing doesn’t person a speaker.

Voice search

With Car Thing, you tin usage Spotify’s dependable hunt to rapidly play circumstantial euphony oregon podcasts. Just accidental “Hey Spotify", and past inquire for a song, album, artist, playlist, station, oregon podcast. Spotify said Car Thing volition beryllium capable to recognize what you’re asking to play, "even with the euphony turned up oregon your windows down".

Go hands-on

If for immoderate crushed you don't privation to power Car Thing with your voice, you tin usage the device's dial. It lets you browse, select, play, pause, and observe euphony oregon podcast to perceive to successful the Spotify library. Clearly, Car Thing is much oregon little a dedicated Spotify distant for your car with a surface and microphones.

See what you're playing

At immoderate time, you tin look astatine Car Thing's touchscreen show to spot what’s playing. You tin besides usage the surface to spot your room and results from dependable search. Or, you tin usage the touchscreen to navigate astir Car Thing's interface. Just swipe to browse further oregon skip, oregon you tin pat to play. Simples.

Set your favourites

Car Thing's 4 preset buttons fto you entree your favourites faster, specified arsenic a caller podcast episode. These are customisable, truthful you tin alteration them.

How overmuch does Spotify's Car Thing cost?

Car Thing volition outgo $79.99 erstwhile it afloat launches successful the US.

How to get Spotify's Car Thing

If you signed up for the Car Thing waitlist successful aboriginal 2021 erstwhile it was free, you volition get archetypal dibs erstwhile Spotify launches it. Now, however, both escaped and Premium Spotify members successful the US tin present motion up for the waitlist. Those who motion up for the waitlist volition yet beryllium offered a accidental to bargain Car Thing.

To get connected Spotify's Car Thing waitlist:

  1. Go to carthing.spotify.com.
  2. Select the "Put maine connected the list" fastener astatine the top.
  3. Sign successful to your Spotify account.

Want to cognize more?

Check retired Spotify's blog station here and Car Thing webpage for much details.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 14 April 2021.

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