Video of Kayleigh McEnany from December 17, 2020 Seems To Prove She Knew Of Forged Election Documents

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For centuries, the golden modular successful grounds was the “eye witness,” the feline who was lasting close there. But owed to intelligence studies regarding representation and after-the-fact, reinforcement, bully defence attorneys tin often get astir adjacent eyewitnesses these days.

The golden modular now, for some crimes themselves and with respect to evidence, are documents created astatine the clip of the crime, oregon documents that by their precise existence are the crime.

This tract has already extensively covered the explosive findings concerning the perfectly forged Electoral College votes submitted by 5 states. But to get everyone connected the aforesaid page, 2 nights ago, Rachel Maddow said:

“It wasn’t 1 state, it wasn’t 3 states wherever they did this — it was astatine slightest 5 states wherever we person present obtained forged documents created by Republicans.

And it’s not similar they, again, created these documents to, like, hold close to their thorax and fantasize that this had been the existent outcome. It’s not similar they created these documents conscionable to support themselves arsenic a keepsake. They sent them into the authorities arsenic if they were existent documents.

But overmuch much importantly, with the transgression elements bolded:

That draught missive was dated December 28. How did that guy, that Trump feline astatine the Justice Department, know that 2 weeks earlier, Republicans successful astatine slightest 5 states had, successful fact, created these forged elector documents? Did the Trump Justice Department cognize astir it due to the fact that they helped Republicans successful those states bash it? We don’t know. But idiosyncratic helped them bash it, due to the fact that they each filed the nonstop aforesaid papers successful the aforesaid font, successful the aforesaid spacing, with the nonstop aforesaid language. So, idiosyncratic helped them bash it.”

Somebody committed a transgression and it wasn’t conscionable anybody, it wasn’t conscionable anybody that organized it and it wasn’t conscionable anybody that approved it. There are precise fewer radical successful the state that tin person radical from 5 states to bash thing that they cognize to beryllium wrong. They know. These

electors retired successful the states are not anserine people, they cognize this is not however this goes. They did it due to the fact that they were told to bash it by idiosyncratic precise precocious up, trusting that determination was immoderate mode that it would marque consciousness and beryllium portion of a larger plan.

We cognize that astatine slightest idiosyncratic astatine DOJ knew and immoderate of america tin adjacent conjecture the sanction but volition not due to the fact that it would beryllium conscionable that, an informed guess. Everyone progressive successful this matter, committed a felony of immoderate benignant – astatine slightest if 1 is to judge the galore ineligible experts who person weighed successful connected what happened. And, if 1 truly thinks astir it, does it look apt that idiosyncratic astatine DOJ would travel up with this program – the 1 that took the benignant of coordination to marque them identical, without support from idiosyncratic adjacent higher up? We already cognize that the White House was moving intimately with DOJ due to the fact that we cognize Jeffery Rosen has stated that Trump told him to motion a missive uncovering fraud and permission the remainder to him. We cognize that Rosen refused and Trump astir installed Jeferry Clark arsenic acting-A.G.

Until this morning, it was lone an assumption that the White House had to motion disconnected connected a program similar this. Thankfully, the net ne'er forgets, and this greeting the prima rises implicit a tweet that whitethorn not lone beryllium that the White House knew astir the plan, but that the White House either came up with the program oregon encouraged the program due to the fact that this is from that “two weeks ago” Rachel referenced:

Thinking astir this since we’re proceeding a batch astir forged certificates

— Acyn (@Acyn) January 14, 2022

At the time, astir thought that these “alternate electors” were conscionable idiots lasting successful a parking batch oregon gathering successful a religion basement raising their hands successful a vote.

But successful the clip supra Kayleigh mentions 4 states (with metropolitan areas, those people) were submitting an alternate acceptable of electors that Congress is going to person to ballot upon. The Electoral College voted connected December 15th. The video supra is from the 17th. Kayleigh specifically says that Congress will person to ballot upon these caller electors. Kayleigh – with sleight of manus – is not talking astir electors, she is talking astir certificates.

These were not “electors,” these were fraudulent Electoral College votes of the benignant that would look successful an envelope that Mike Pence would open. Without going beyond the 4 corners of what we know, we present person implicit impervious that Kayleigh McEnany knew that these fraudulent certificates were sent to the authorities and Congress would person to fig it out. The lone time and means by which Congress would “figure it out” would beryllium connected January 6th, the time certificates were to beryllium opened.

When that galore crimes, opening with fraud against the United States and conspiracy to overthrow a authorities (sedition) exist on paper, and we person contemporaneous video of Kayleigh McEnany telling the satellite that these alternate electors were coming successful “for Congress to marque a determination,” nary 1 had immoderate crushed to judge that the program was this blase and this well-designed to erstwhile again… propulsion January 6th into chaos.

It is each retired successful the open, connected insubstantial and video, and it’s damned hard to determine 1 won’t complaint a transgression that superior and that obvious. Does it adjacent request to beryllium said that it seems intolerable that Kayleigh McEnany would cognize of a program to propulsion January 6th into chaos but Trump did not? Remember, idiosyncratic precise precocious up had to accidental “this is okay” oregon those radical retired successful the states, the ones that aren’t stupid, wouldn’t person taken the risk.

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