The Right Note: September Highs and Lows

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The Right Note is simply a biweekly sentiment column. The views expressed are solely the author’s.

School is backmost successful league and Arlington’s Public Schools had immoderate atrocious quality to deliver. Last week we learned that enrollment astatine the opening of the schoolhouse twelvemonth is disconnected by astir 2,200 students from projections successful the existent fund — from 29,100 projected to 26,932 actual.

Thumbs down to the APS unit who had primitively projected an further 500 students would beryllium backmost successful schoolhouse this autumn and lone pulled backmost astatine the petition of School Board members.

If the existent enrollment fig holds that means Arlington volition walk conscionable a shadiness nether $26,000 for each pupil enrolled nether the topline fund fig passed this spring. That fig volition driblet somewhat arsenic Arlington volition spot its stock of authorities funds reduced, but it should beryllium remembered erstwhile the School Board claims they don’t person the resources to adequately amended our kids.

The School Board should springiness the nationalist much answers connected what went incorrect successful the projections? On the surface, it appears that galore parents who opted their kids retired erstwhile the schools were locked down are simply not coming back. Whatever the reason, arsenic we physique adjacent year’s budget, we request to bash a amended occupation connected behalf of the taxpayers who are footing the bill.

The County Board is besides backmost from a 2 period break. Soon the committee volition commencement talking astir different circular of closeout spending and adjacent year’s budget.

In the meantime, thumbs down to the caller 5 cent integrative container tax. Arlington has agelong wanted to enforce the tax, but was antecedently incapable to nether Virginia law. The tax, which volition spell into effect successful January, volition nutrient small gross and volition bash small to trim integrative container use. However, the caller connection makes Arlington consciousness similar it is doing thing for the environment. And, Arlington would person been near retired of the nine arsenic D.C., Alexandria and Fairfax volition each person container taxes moving forward. Remember though, if you are switching to reusable bags to delight lavation them regularly arsenic they often transportation unsafe bacteria.

Speaking of Alexandria and D.C., thumbs down to the caller logo which features the different 2 jurisdictions prominently successful its design. The logo whitethorn person been 1 of the champion among atrocious options, but it is inactive a disappointment. With each the sanction and logo changing, 1 has to wonderment if calls to alteration the sanction Arlington itself volition travel 1 day?

Finally, thumbs up to the allocation of $15.1 cardinal for stormwater infrastructure improvements. This is the benignant of infrastructure backing we should expect arsenic regular people from our region officials, but wherefore not springiness the due pat connected the backmost for doing the close thing?

Mark Kelly is simply a erstwhile Arlington GOP Chairman and two-time Republican campaigner for Arlington County Board.

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