The Definitive Manual for Video News Releases

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The Ultimate Guide to Video News Release


A video news release template is a short, focused piece of content that introduces your brand and highlights why it's relevant to the audience. A VNR can be as simple as an image-based ad, or you can have a voiceover narration or call out specific sections of text for emphasis. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about writing a video news release so that you can start engaging with journalists the moment they publish your message!

What is a video news release?

A video news release (VNR) is a short video that you produce and send to journalists and media outlets. They're often used as an opportunity to get your message out, but they don't have to be. VNRs can also be used as an opportunity for you to promote yourself or your business.

VNRs are not commercials—they're not intended to sell anything, they're simply meant to inform people about something going on in their industry or community. In other words: They don’t have any specific message at all, but just share information with the public about what's happening right now in one place at one time!

How to write a VNR

When writing a VNR, you need to be sure that it covers all the points. The following are some common mistakes people make when writing a VNR:

  • Not including your company's name and contact information on the video. This is important because if viewers can't find out who you are or how to get in touch with you, they won't watch it at all! You also should include your website address so viewers can learn more about what this product or service does for them (if applicable).

  • Not providing enough information about yourself or the product/service being promoted in the video itself. Make sure there's enough content here—don't just talk about one aspect of what makes it great; instead explain why customers should buy right now! In addition, try not going overboard with too many details since viewers might get bored easily while watching longer videos like these ones...

What it costs to produce a VNR

The cost of a VNR varies greatly depending on the size of your business. There are many factors that determine how much it costs to produce a music video press release, including:

  • The length and complexity of your video

  • Whether you want to hire an outside company or do it yourself

  • How long it takes to shoot, edit and upload each version

A VNR is your chance to engage with journalists, who can help you spread your brand's message further.

A press release for music video is a video that contains information about your company, product or service. It's meant to be used by journalists in their reporting and can be used to promote your brand.

VNRs are also known as "News Releases" or "PR Materials." A PR material refers to any type of media release that includes newsworthy information about an organization. VNRs are one type of PR material that may include photos, graphs and charts, but they don't need them all!


A VNR is a great way to increase your brand awareness and gain more attention from journalists. By posting these videos on social media, you can reach prospective customers who may not otherwise hear about your business or product. You'll also be able to enhance the quality of your content by using professional voice over artists and experts who can explain complex concepts in an accessible manner; this will keep viewers interested in what they're watching

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