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It's that clip of twelvemonth again. The leaves are starting to turn. The pumpkin spice and Oktoberfests are flowing successful the streets. Spirit Halloween stores are starting to look successful abandoned portion malls. Spooky play is here, and we're excited to footwear disconnected this festive clip of twelvemonth with a instrumentality to a Game Informer bureau favourite (or slightest favourite if you're a scaredy-cat similar me). Join america for this week's regular Thursday stream, wherever we assemble the astir fantastic radical of GI shade hunters and effort to support our composure portion playing Phasmophobia.

The classical characters are all here. First up is the experienced shade huntsman Dan Tack, aka the fearless person who volition transportation the unit successful his backpack to victory. Next up is Marcus Stewart, the assured up-and-comer bare to marque his sanction successful the shade game. Bringing up the rear is nonmigratory frightened lad Alex Stadnik, who doesn't cognize what he's signed up for and has a knack for possibly screwing implicit his Phasmophobia teammates (unintentionally, of course). But developer Kinetic Games' spooky acquisition features four-player co-op; who are we missing? That's right, folks, she's back! Liana Ruppert volition beryllium joining america for her last watercourse with Game Informer (for now) arsenic we instrumentality to 1 of our favourite streaming games.

The amusive kicks disconnected astatine 2 p.m. CT connected Thursday, September 23, exclusively implicit connected our Twitch channel! Suppose you privation to larn much astir Phasmophobia. In that case, you're successful luck, arsenic our ain Jay Guisao has you covered with an update connected the game's one-year day update, including a look astatine the tweaks coming to Kinetic Games' indie darling, a caller single-player mode, and more!

Are you excited to observe the autumn with a plethora of scary games? Let america cognize successful the comments beneath what titles you're looking guardant to playing up of Haloween, and thanks, arsenic always, for watching the stream!

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