One Arrested After Alleged Theft Ends With Fracas in Pentagon City Metro Station

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A D.C. antheral was arrested aft allegedly stealing from a conveyance and warring the unfortunate successful a Metro station.

The chaotic incidental happened Tuesday greeting successful the Pentagon City area.

It started, according to an Arlington County Police Department transgression report, erstwhile a operator who had parked successful a store astatine oregon adjacent the Westpost (formerly Pentagon Row) buying halfway was alerted to idiosyncratic breaking into their car.

The fishy tried to locomotion distant aft stealing currency and idiosyncratic items but was followed by the unfortunate into the Pentagon City Metro station, according to police.

They started warring connected the presumption platform, starring Metro Transit Police to telephone Arlington County constabulary for assistance, according to a constabulary dispatch astatine the time. The combative fishy was yet taken into custody aft transit constabulary utilized capsicum spray to subdue him, according to the transgression report.

The fracas prompted a sizable constabulary effect extracurricular the station, adjacent starring to immoderate autobus delays.

Per scanner, ACPD and Metro PD has 2 radical who were warring astatine the Pentagon City Metro presumption successful custody, with capsicum spray utilized by Metro PD. Expect a sizable constabulary response.

— Arlington Now (@ARLnowDOTcom) October 12, 2021

7A/16G/16H/22A/Metroway-Potomac Yard Line Alert: Due to constabulary enactment extracurricular Pentagon City Station, buses whitethorn acquisition delays.

— Metrobus Info (@Metrobusinfo) October 12, 2021

More from ACPD:

LARCENY FROM AUTO (Significant), 2021-10120080, 1300 artifact of S. Joyce Street. At astir 11:35 a.m. connected October 12, constabulary were dispatched to the Pentagon City Metro Station to assistance Metro Transit Police with an progressive fight. Upon arrival, officers met with Metro Transit Police who had deployed OC Spray and detained the 2 individuals progressive successful the altercation. The probe determined that the unfortunate had parked his conveyance successful the store successful the 1300 artifact of S. Joyce Street, and was aboriginal alerted by a witnesser that the antheral fishy was allegedly walking distant from the conveyance and the alarm was activated. The unfortunate went to analyse and observed that the fishy had forced introduction to the conveyance and stole an undisclosed magnitude of currency and idiosyncratic items. The unfortunate located the fishy successful the country carrying his idiosyncratic items and followed him onto the metro platform, wherever they were yet located by Metro Transit Police. The fishy was transported to an country infirmary for insignificant injuries sustained during the incident. Tyrell Washington, 26, of Washington D.C., was arrested and charged with Larceny from Auto. Additional warrants were obtained for the fishy by Metro Transit Police.

Also successful the latest transgression report, constabulary are investigating a fractional twelve conveyance tamperings, including the theft of electronics and catalytic converters, that were discovered on Columbia Pike and successful the Lyon Park country Tuesday morning.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (Series), 2021-10120034/10120058/10120067, 2200 artifact of Columbia Pike/1200 artifact of S. Scott Street/100 artifact of N. Wayne Street. At astir 6:02 a.m. connected October 12, constabulary were dispatched to the study of a larceny from auto. Upon arrival, it was determined that the unfortunate returned to his parked conveyance and observed that the rider model had been smashed and electronics and idiosyncratic items had been stolen from inside. During the people of the investigation, it was determined that chartless suspect(s) forced introduction into 3 further vehicles and rummaged done them. A abbreviated clip later, 2 unfortunate vehicles were recovered to person been tampered with and had the catalytic converters removed. There is nary suspect(s) description. The probe is ongoing.

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