New Census Data Shows How Arlington Grew in 10 Years

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Arlington is denser and much divers than it was 10 years ago, according to recently-released 2020 Census data.

The colonisation surviving wrong the county’s 26 quadrate miles present sits astatine 238,643 — a 14.9% summation implicit 2010, erstwhile 207,627 radical called Arlington home. That outpaced the complaint of colonisation maturation for Virginia and the U.S. arsenic a whole, astatine 7.9% and 7.4%, respectively.

Meanwhile, the region is much divers contiguous than it was a decennary ago: Arlington’s achromatic colonisation declined by 3,677 people, portion the fig of Hispanic oregon Latino, Black, Asian, multiracial and indigenous radical each increased. That decade-long alteration reflects a akin alteration occurring across the nation that was the taxable of a flurry of reports past week.

Now that the information is in, region unit volition beryllium reviewing the numbers to spot what they mean for Arlington, said Bryna Helfer, the adjunct region manager for communications and nationalist engagement. Census information helps the region program for aboriginal needs and services, specified arsenic exigency services, schools and transportation, portion the national authorities uses the demographic accusation to apportion backing to localities.

“Arlington’s squad of demographers successful Community Planning and Housing Development volition beryllium taking clip implicit the coming weeks and months to larn much astir the 2020 Census Data and what it means for Arlington,” Helfer said. “We privation to convey the full assemblage for their information successful the 2020 Census.”

Arlington is the eighth most-populous jurisdiction wrong the Commonwealth, but among counties successful Northern Virginia, Arlington has the smallest population, down Fairfax, Prince William and Loudoun counties. It is increasing faster than Fairfax County and D.C. but slower than Loudoun and Prince William counties.

Today the @uscensusbureau released colonisation data.

Alexandria’s colonisation is 159,467 and grew 13.9% implicit the decade

VA up 7.9%

Loudoun up 34.8%
Prince William up 20%
Arlington up 14.9%
Fairfax County up 6.3%
DC up 14.6%
Montgomery County up 9.3%
Prince George's up 12%

— Justin Wilson (@justindotnet) August 12, 2021

Much of Arlington’s maturation appears to beryllium concentrated successful Metro corridors — portion of the county’s extremity of “smart growth” astir transit areas.

One census tract wrong Ballston appears to person the highest density not lone successful Arlington, but successful the D.C. area, attaining a colonisation density akin to parts of New York City. It comes successful astatine 96,758 radical per quadrate mile, comparable to the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Overall, Arlington has a colonisation of astir 9,180 radical per quadrate mile.

Behold the 4 corners astatine the halfway of the Washington region's astir densely populated census tract:

— Eric Fidler (@EricFidler) August 12, 2021

As the colonisation grew, 13,000 lodging units came online successful the county. Despite the lodging growth, lone a fistful of census tracts crossed the region reported less than 90% of their lodging units arsenic occupied. On average, Arlington has a lodging portion vacancy complaint of 7.7%.

While that is little than the state’s vacancy complaint of 8.2%, Arlington has a higher vacancy complaint than its neighbors — Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William counties — which person rates betwixt 3 and 3.8%.

Like galore different parts of the nation, the snapshot of Arlington successful 2020 was much divers than 10 years ago. It dropped from being 71.7% achromatic successful 2010 to being 61% achromatic successful 2020.

The astir melodramatic summation was successful the fig of radical who place arsenic multiracial: This colonisation radical accrued by 18,101 people, oregon by 233%, and present comprises 10.8% of the population. Following down them, Asians besides leaped successful representation, owed to a 7,512-person increase. Asians present comprise 11.5% of the population, up from 9.6% successful 2010.

Although the Black colonisation accrued by 3,243 radical (18.4%), Black residents inactive comprise astir the aforesaid percent of the population, from 8.5% successful 2010 to 8.7% successful 2020.

Race successful Arlington County per the 2020 census information (via US Census)

The Hispanic oregon Latino colonisation besides made immoderate gains —  an summation of 5,980 people, oregon 0.6 percent points.

Hispanic oregon Latino percent of Arlington’s colonisation (via US Census)

The region had a vested involvement successful getting arsenic close a number arsenic possible.

“Census information find however billions of dollars of national backing are distributed and spent,” Helfer said. “When the colonisation is undercounted, jurisdictions don’t person the backing needed for captious assemblage services.”

Arlington County receives astir $50 cardinal annually from national assistance programs that trust connected information derived from the Decennial Census, Helfer said. Over fractional of that backing goes to affordable lodging vouchers, escaped and subsidized meals for nationalist schools students, Medicaid and nutrient stamps.

Some backing goes to proscription projects, and erstwhile recipients see the bus halt upgrades connected Columbia Pike, improved entree to the Rosslyn and Pentagon City Metro stations, and the Ballston multimodal upgrades.

While the information was released past week, the census effort dates backmost to the outpouring of 2019, erstwhile the region started urging residents to enactment and a “Complete Count Committee” was formed. Response rates were supra 2010 levels by aboriginal spring, though effect rates aboriginal that play were still low from the occidental extremity of Columbia Pike and passim Crystal City.

In the summer, erstwhile then-President Donald Trump moved to exclude undocumented immigrants from the count, County Board members voted unanimously to articulation different localities successful a suit against him.

By October 2020, virtually everyone was counted, according to County Board Vice-Chair Katie Cristol.

You did it, Arlington County: With the Census Count completing connected October 15th, 99.98% of Arlington was officially counted. Thank you to our Complete Count Committee for your tireless, infectious enthusiasm for ensuring that everyone counts!

— Katie Cristol (@kcristol) October 20, 2020

Screenshots via U.S. Census Bureau 

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