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The Arlington vicinity of Bluemont is simply a quiescent suburb extracurricular of Ballston, but what separates it from the neighboring suburbs? Let’s instrumentality a person look astatine what makes Bluemont basal retired from the rest.

About the Neighborhood

Bluemont is 1 of the larger suburban neighborhoods successful Arlington, on the lengthy Wilson Boulevard that stretches crossed the full county. Most of the retail and amenities are positioned on this roadworthy retired of an abundance of convenience. This vicinity stands arsenic a large illustration of wherefore radical emotion living successful Arlington.

The vicinity is breached into respective subdivisions, specified arsenic Brockwood, Lacey Forest and Brandon Village. Both to the northbound and southbound of Wilson Boulevard are the residential sections — quiet, tree-lined streets that spot small traffic. Between Virginia Square and East Falls Church, Bluemont is simply a fantastic family-friendly determination with casual entree to nationalist proscription and overmuch to bash erstwhile it comes to amusive and activities.

Like astir suburban areas successful Arlington, Bluemont has those calm, relaxing characteristics that antagonistic the fast-paced, bustling metropolis life. Yet, for being specified a quiescent area, it has a amazingly appreciable nightlife and contains plentifulness of places to frequent, with even much conscionable adjacent doorway successful Ballston.

Top Places successful Bluemont

Wilson Boulevard Restaurants

Along the main roadworthy are respective reputable restaurants consisting of a assortment of taste cuisines. Choose from Pupatella for pizza, King of Koshary for Egyptian dishes, Layalina for Lebanese and Syrian cuisine, oregon Istanbul Grill, which is simply a Turkish edifice adjacent the borderline of town. It’s not uncommon to find these places packed to the brim.

Arlington Forest Club

One of the vicinity gems is simply a section tennis and aquatics club. Residents admit The Arlington Forest Club arsenic a large spot to support a steadfast manner with respective disposable wellness programs. It besides offers backstage aquatics lessons for kids of each ages.

Bluemont Junction Trail

The Bluemont Junction Trail runs from 1 extremity of the vicinity to the other. The span of this way is simply a biker’s dream. It’s nary astonishment Bluemont has a beardown bike people of 83 — getting astir municipality is simply a breeze. At the precise extremity it meets with 2 ample parks afloat of picnic tables and assorted outdoor activities.

Bon Air Park

Extending from northbound to southbound on the westbound broadside of the vicinity are 2 parks, 1 of those being Bon Air Park. This parkland is location to a beauteous roseate plot filled with implicit 120 antithetic types of roses. It’s an perfect spot to unbend and instrumentality successful the scenery. But the plot isn’t the lone attraction here. Picnic areas and playgrounds are disposable for a amusive household time outdoors.

Living successful Bluemont

One of the much appealing aspects of Bluemont is casual entree to nationalist transportation. There’s nary Metro presumption wrong its borders, but the Ballston Station is simply a mates blocks extracurricular of the neighborhood. And fixed the information that Bluemont is simply a specified mile wide, getting to the bid presumption from the western-most broadside doesn’t instrumentality long.

Because of the convenient Metro access, Bluemont sees galore vocation professionals moving present and inactive commuting to adjacent tech hubs and cities. With fantabulous schools disposable to Bluemont residents, it tends to beryllium a fashionable destination for those with families.

The vicinity is besides known for being affable and welcoming. It is represented by a tight-knit community, the benignant of spot wherever galore neighbors cognize each different well. Most of the homes dwell of single-family colonials, farmhouses and Cape Cods, portion adjacent the edges you’ll find townhouses.

Being an perfect suburb successful Arlington, this vicinity sees homes determination accelerated connected the market. Contact the Keri Shull Team today, and we’ll assistance you find the benignant of location you’re looking for successful this charming vicinity earlier anyone other has a accidental to adjacent spot a representation of it. That’s the vantage of precedence entree to off-market homes.

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