Narrowed Vehicle Lanes, Buffered Bike Lanes Planned for N. Lynn Street in Rosslyn

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Part of the projected resurfacing changes for N. Lynn Street (via Arlington County)

Arlington County plans to resurface a agelong of N. Lynn Street successful Rosslyn to amended the driving and cycling experience.

The task is portion of the county’s yearly effort to resurface astir 100 lane miles of roadway, prioritizing those successful the astir request of upgrades and those adjacent to development, schools oregon county-led superior projects. It is the 2nd of two “complete streets” resurfacing projects projected for 2021, the different being changes to Wilson Blvd successful the Bluemont neighborhood.

The plans for N. Lynn Street widen from the exit ramp for Arlington Blvd (Route 50) to Wilson Blvd. Proposed changes see adding “sharrows” — encouraging drivers to stock the roadworthy with cyclists — connecting with existing motorcycle lanes, positive buffering existing motorcycle lanes, improving markings for a autobus stop, and adding markings wherever drivers person to transverse a motorcycle lane to crook right.

This conception design accommodates the existing postulation by maintaining the aforesaid vehicular lane configurations, it adds further separation betwixt radical driving and biking with protected and buffered motorcycle lanes, it enhances the web connectivity with improved motorcycle markings, and it improves visibility of close crook conflicts with the exertion of greenish markings,” said region proscription planner Catherine Seebauer during a recorded presentation.

A conception of N. Lynn Street that volition beryllium resurfaced (via Arlington County)

Right aft the Arlington Blvd exit ramp, the region proposes adding northbound motorcycle “sharrows” — markings indicating wherever cyclists and vehicles person to stock the roadworthy — that volition nexus up to the existing motorcycle lane aft the intersection with Fairfax Drive.

“That exit ramp is simply a VDOT-controlled road, truthful Arlington County is somewhat constricted successful what changes we tin marque there, but a reconfiguration of those on-off ramps is being looked astatine arsenic portion of [Core of Rosslyn Transportation Study], truthful semipermanent changes are successful improvement for that intersection,” Seebauer said.

The conveyance lanes volition beryllium narrowed aft Fairfax Drive, though they volition inactive conscionable the county’s modular width of 11 feet, she said.

“The other country allows america to supply much country for different facilities,” she said, including upgrading the existing motorcycle lanes to beryllium protected motorcycle lanes. “They volition beryllium separated from conveyance lanes by parked vehicles and a tiny buffer strip.”

A conception of N. Lynn Street that volition beryllium resurfaced (via Arlington County)

Where the motorcycle lane merges with an existing autobus stop, the autobus halt markings volition beryllium improved. Further up, adjacent to the intersection with Wilson Blvd, greenish overgarment and bollards volition alert drivers and cyclists astir a struggle point, wherever drivers person to transverse the motorcycle lane to marque a close turn.

From the exit ramp to Wilson Blvd, 4 parking spaces volition beryllium removed to amended sightlines, Seebauer said.

An online remark play for the task closed yesterday (Tuesday). The resurfacing enactment volition beryllium done aboriginal this summertime and fall.

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