Morning Poll: But Seriously, Should We Build a Gondola?

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Artist’s rendering of a gondola implicit the Potomac (image via Georgetown BID)

It’s the taxable of humor, t-shirts and desire.

Now there’s immoderate actual, tangible advancement that tin beforehand the much-discussed thought for a Rosslyn-Georgetown gondola.

The Washington Business Journal’s Alex Koma reported yesterday day that D.C. is acquiring the Exxon presumption successful Georgetown that could service arsenic the gondola’s eastbound terminus.

The D.C. Council included $10 cardinal for the acquisition successful the 2022 fund it passed earlier this month, teeing up a woody for the spot astatine 3607 M St. NW erstwhile the spending program receives sign-offs from some Mayor Muriel Bowser and Congress.

The half-acre site, by the celebrated “Exorcist” steps, presently belongs to a associated task of Altus Realty Partners and DYNC Atlantic Property and Investment, who person spent years pursuing its redevelopment arsenic condos, truthful acold to nary avail. But the shuttered state presumption has besides been envisioned arsenic an ideal landing spot for a gondola stretching crossed the Potomac River, providing a proscription nexus betwixt Georgetown and Rosslyn that immoderate section concern leaders and politicians have championed.

The imaginable acquisition doesn’t mean that the gondola, a taxable of contention connected some sides of the river, is anyplace adjacent to really happening, but it should sphere it arsenic an enactment by bringing a invaluable portion of existent property nether the city’s control.

Plenty of challenges remain, not the slightest of which is the information that Arlington County said it was “not successful favor” of the $80-90 cardinal task 4 years ago.

Still, the quality raised immoderate hopes among the gondola faithful — and those who conscionable admit the somewhat whimsical conception of aerial assistance transportation crossed the Potomac.

2025: Washington wakes up and realizes everyone wasn't conscionable imagining it and we really built a gondola to Rosslyn

— Andrew Beaujon (@abeaujon) August 18, 2021

Tip: bargain an @ARLnowDOTcom “Gondola Now!” garment contiguous truthful you don’t look amazed

— Andrew Beaujon (@abeaujon) August 18, 2021

Okay, but successful each seriousness, bash radical privation the gondola to beryllium built?

One has to ideate that, fixed the rising costs of ample gathering projects, the terms tag connected the gondola has to beryllium pushing $100 cardinal astatine this point. Is that worthy it for thing that would mostly payment tourists, Georgetown students and Rosslyn-Georgetown commuters?

Would the acquisition of riding the gondola, compared to walking implicit the Key Bridge, beryllium importantly amended for the projected 6,500 regular riders? (Most riders volition beryllium section workers oregon residents, according to a study.)

What bash you think?

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