Man Stabbed at Clarendon Bar in Seemingly Random Attack

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A antheral sitting astatine a barroom successful Clarendon was repeatedly stabbed successful a seemingly random onslaught connected Saturday.

The stabbing happened astatine 7:30 p.m. astatine Spider Kelly’s (3181 Wilson Blvd).

“Upon arrival, officers located the antheral unfortunate suffering from a laceration and the fishy being held down by witnesses,” Arlington County constabulary said contiguous successful a transgression report. “The probe revealed that portion the unfortunate was sitting astatine the bar, the fishy allegedly approached him from down and began repeatedly striking the unfortunate with a crisp object.”

“The unfortunate was transported to an country infirmary with superior injuries,” ACPD said. “Patrick Casey, 34, of No Fixed Address was arrested and charged with Aggravated Malicious Wounding. He was held connected nary bond.”

Spider Kelly’s co-owner Nick Freshman said the onslaught looks “like a wholly random act” by idiosyncratic “who came successful disconnected the street.” The fishy walked successful and started attacking a lawsuit adjacent the beforehand of the edifice without provocation, Freshman said, adding that his information unit jumped successful and tackled the suspect, holding him until constabulary arrived.

“I’m incredibly grateful to our unit and our information team… [they were] capable to speedy detain the perpetrator and unafraid the weapon,” helium said. “We’re praying for [the victim].”

“It was truly beauteous terrifying,” Freshman added. “It’s near our full squad beauteous shook. I’m truthful atrocious thing similar this happened.”

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