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Here’s your accidental to find retired however to debar costly mistakes erstwhile gathering a caller home. Learn everything you request to cognize astir caller operation homes from the astir palmy agents connected the top-selling existent property squad successful the D.C. metro area.

Lauren Longshore, 1 of Keri Shull Team’s experienced Buyer Success Agents, has extended acquisition with caller operation homes and is starring this seminar astatine the Keri Shull Team office successful Rosslyn.

At this event, you volition larn everything from customized location designs to the financing and contracting costs involved, arsenic good arsenic however to find the close radical for the project. Additional topics include:

  • Advantages of caller construction: At the event, we’ll instrumentality an in-depth look astatine however you tin plan the nonstop location you are dreaming of!
  • Buying a builder-owned batch vs. uncovering your own: Which solution is champion erstwhile uncovering a lot? In the D.C. metro, onshore tin beryllium rare, truthful we’ll amusement you however to find it.
  • Choosing the close agents and specialists: Don’t hazard costly problems, and don’t hazard losing your imagination home! A bully cause volition assistance you adjacent faster and wage less.

This is simply a FREE acquisition seminar! Don’t miss this accidental to person experts assistance you navigate the caller operation home-buying process. Get the details you request to marque your imagination location a reality, and debar imaginable fiscal risks that travel with gathering your ain home.

The seminar is being held in-person this upcoming Tuesday, Aug. 24, astatine 6 p.m., and parking volition beryllium validated for those commuting by car. Wine and food volition besides beryllium disposable for attendees.

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