HTC Vive Flow is an immersive VR headset designed to improve your wellbeing

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(Pocket-lint) - After several teases, HTC has revealed its latest VR offering successful the signifier of the Vive Flow. A brace of portable immersive glasses designed to amended your wellbeing. 

Unlike HTC's different virtual world devices, which usually necessitate a powerful PC successful bid to run, the Vive Flow is intended to beryllium accessible to a batch much people. 

These are compact, lightweight immersive glasses that are designed to beryllium cleanable to usage anytime, anyplace to entree relaxing contented and easiness the stresses of the day. The HTC Vive Flow has respective intended uses, 1 is with meditation apps similar TRIPP and mindfulness apps that assistance you unwind. Including everything from calming apps to low-fi euphony apps. 


HTC's latest VR instrumentality  is immersive glasses photograph  5

Alternatively, you tin usage it to ticker contented formed to the glasses from the likes of Netflix, YouTube and Disney+. This viewing acquisition is said to beryllium a bigger surface acquisition amended than going to the cinema. 

With a 100 grade tract of view, 3.2k solution show and 75Hz refresh complaint it's said to beryllium perfect for a backstage viewing acquisition watching 1080p contented wherever you are. 

The Vive Flow is designed to beryllium comfy and a overmuch amended mode of watching contented than slumping implicit your phone. It weighs conscionable 189 grams, making it considerably lighter than different VR headsets (the Vive Pro 2 is 890g). 


HTC's latest VR instrumentality  is immersive glasses photograph  8

These glasses are absorbing successful different ways too. They're designed with optical lenses that tin beryllium adjusted to your medicine connected an oculus per oculus basis. 0 for cleanable vision. -6 for beardown short-sightedness. So you don't request to deterioration glasses successful bid to see, which helps with comfort. With a washable look gasket and a strapless design, it's besides built with an casual on/off acceptable for convenient deterioration and sharing with friends and family. 

Vive Flow sports dual microphones with built-in sound cancellation and echo cancellation arsenic good arsenic unfastened firing speakers for 3D dependable straight into your ears. It's Bluetooth enabled truthful you tin usage your ain in-ears for a much idiosyncratic experience. 

It's worthy noting that the Vive Flow needs to beryllium plugged successful to beryllium used, either to your telephone oregon a power bank successful bid to run. Your telephone is besides an integral portion of the acquisition arsenic you'll usage it arsenic a controller successful selected apps, to navigate menus and to formed content. You'll besides request a telephone with Android 9 oregon supra successful bid to run, but the glasses bash travel with 64GB of interior storage. 

HTC says that the Vive Flow volition person "a affluent catalogue of VR apps from antithetic categories" and that games are coming via Viveport with Infinity Vista which is designed specifically for Flow and is $5.99 a month.

Flow is acceptable to retail for £499/€549 and $499 US. With pre-orders starting from 14 October and shipping successful aboriginal November. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Editing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 14 October 2021.

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