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PRNewswire is one of the most widely used digital news distribution services in the world. It's used by hundreds of news organizations across the globe to quickly distribute PRWeb Pricing, which reaches millions of readers every day.

Even though there are many similar services available on the market today, PRNewswire still holds a strong position due to its strong reputation and great customer service.

PRWeb Price Per Press Release

  • PRWeb's price per press release is $199.

  • PRWeb pricing is based on volume and distribution partners, with a minimum charge of 10 releases per month.

  • The average cost for a press release in 2019 was $1 per word, which is up from $0.50 five years ago (before their acquisition by Newswire).

PRWeb Agency Pricing

PRWeb agency pricing is the same as PRWeb pricing. This lets you manage your own PRNewswire Pricing  and get them in front of the right people, as well as control how much you pay for each release.

PRWeb Agency Pricing is for companies that want to manage their own press releases and get them in front of the right people, as well as control how much they pay for each release.

Marketwired Price Per Press Release

Marketwired's price per press release is $199. This can be a little confusing because it sounds like you pay $1,000 and then gets $200 back in a discount. But that's not how it works—you're just paying one upfront fee of $199 and getting your releases at discounted rates as long as you keep buying them from us.

If you want to save even more money on Marketwired PRNewswire pricing, consider purchasing more than one release for the same client (or multiple clients). Whatever amount of releases you purchase will be applied toward whatever number of discount codes have been linked with those purchases. For example: If I were to buy two PRNewswires from Marketwired for my client John Doe at the same time, I would likely receive a 10% discount code that would apply against future orders from them (meaning if I wanted another one later down the road when their needs change again?).

Marketwired Agency Pricing

You can also get quotes for PRNewswire Agency pricing. Pricing is based on the number of Marketwired Pricing  you want to distribute and how often you want to release them.

Prices vary depending on:

  • The type of release (news, earnings, etc.)

  • The length of your distribution cycle (1 month or 6 months)

PRNewswire Price Per Press Release

PRNewswire is a great option for small businesses.

PRNewswire is a great option for large businesses.

PRNewswire is a great option for companies looking to get into the news.

PRNewswire Agency Pricing

  • PRNewswire agency pricing is based on the number of releases per month.

  • The first tier is $175 per release, which includes:

  • Lead generation and follow-up via e-mail or social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

  • Content production (website copywriting for print release)

  • Distribution through your own website/social media channels

Business Wire Price Per Press Release

Business Wire is the most expensive option for PRNewswire Cost. However, it's also a good option for large companies that have a lot of resources and can afford to pay for all the bells and whistles that come with Business Wire.

Business Wire has the best distribution network of any other service on this list, allowing you to reach more journalists than any other platform in your niche. It has a huge database of journalists who cover your industry sector as well as an analytics dashboard that allows you to see exactly how many people have read each article they wrote on specific topics or issues within their area of expertise. This means that if there are any issues with accuracy or quality control in their reporting process (which there often are), Business Wire will be able to fix those problems quickly so that they don't go unnoticed by consumers looking for information related directly back up what was published online originally--and thus making sure everyone gets what they need right away instead waiting around forever hoping things get fixed after someone gets mad enough at them."

As you can see, your best option for maximum news distribution at the lowest cost is a combo of a Distribution Partnership with and a Distribution Service with PRNewswire.

As you can see, your best option for maximum news distribution at the lowest cost is a combo of a Distribution Partnership with and a Distribution Service with PRNewswire.

If you're looking to get your company's Business Wire Pricing  out to as many people as possible, then PRNewswire is probably going to be the best option for you. On the other hand, if your goal is reaching just one specific group of people (like journalists), then they might not be right for you either—you'll want something else instead!


We’ve covered a lot of ground here. Now that you know what these services are, how they work and where their pricing breaks down, it's time to get started. There’s no better way to do this than by contacting one of our experts today!

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