Face Oils and Cartwheels Are My Secret

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Hello, My Age Is: 44

Molly Rosen | founder of Brooklyn Writers Collective, author, and entrepreneur

If you conscionable Molly Rosen for an early-morning oat beverage cappuccino astatine her vicinity Brooklyn java shop, you won’t beryllium sitting down to portion it. “How americium I adjacent a writer erstwhile I hatred sitting truthful much?” she asks. “Sitting is the caller smoking.” The forty-four-year-old ma of 2 prefers an ambling-in-the-sunshine java bent to a stationary catch-up, and her easy, sparkly vigor matches the sparkle of her (makeup-free) skin. “After twenty-five years successful business, I’ve yet deed my stride,” says Rosen, who experienced immense occurrence with her archetypal enterprise, Stone Fox Bride, a zeitgeisty bohemian wedding formal marque beloved by downtown chill girls and celebrities. Now she runs the Brooklyn Writers Collective, wherever she teaches virtual penning classes (“Pain, Pleasure, and Summer,” and “Write the Fucking Book,” to sanction a couple) and leads in-person penning retreats. “I emotion my job,” she says. She founded the corporate 3 and a fractional years agone aft closing the formal brand; immoderate of her wedding clients, going done their ain evolutions and divorces, became her first students.

Rosen’s a azygous ma to six- and nine-year-old girls and is successful the midst of penning her 2nd publication (her first, Stone Fox Bride: Love, Lust, and Wedding Planning for the Wild astatine Heart, was a deed erstwhile it came retired successful 2017). She balances each the enactment and work with escapes into quality (spinning one-handed cartwheels with her daughters successful McCarren Park, for example), and uncovering tiny yet resounding rituals that support her tone resilient and her tegument glowy and fresh.


Listen to your hippie ma astir look oil

My ma has shopped astatine the wellness nutrient store and taken unthinkable attraction of herself her full life. She ever said: “No synthetics, nary parabens—and the much lipid you enactment connected your skin, the better.” I looove oil. I person adust skin, truthful I slather connected astir immoderate lipid I tin find—jojoba, coconut, a bully avocado. But the goop look oil, successful particular, is simply a miracle; I usage it greeting and night. It conscionable makes my tegument look truthful vibrant, and I emotion however it smells.

  1. goop Beauty GOOPGENES All-in-One Super Nutrient Face Oil, goop, $98/$89 with subscription

    goop Beauty GOOPGENES All-in-One
    Super Nutrient Face Oil
    goop, $98/$89 with subscription


  2. Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, goop, $195

    Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum goop, $195


I conscionable splurged connected Vintner’s Daughter serum to effort it out, and it’s powerful. The shea food pick from S.W. Basics is the shit, and Egyptian Magic balm tin hole a lot.


Massage is astonishing for perimenopausal skin

The much I massage my perimenopausal skin, the much supple it is. I creaseless connected my goop look oil, past suction my look with facial cups I got disconnected Amazon, moving upward to get a small lift. In general, I bash tons of vigorous look massage, to aftermath up my tegument and get it bully and plumped. My sister gave maine a league with a facialist who’s celebrated for this astonishing two-hour look massage, and present I emulate immoderate of what I learned there, again utilizing the goop oil. I besides effort to get facials erstwhile a period astatine my BFF and facialist Diane Vargas’s studio, Heart successful Hand, successful Brooklyn—I locomotion retired of determination with large skin. I besides massage Complex Creatures—my friend’s breast-cream brand—in each night. It’s incredible.


Cleanse with a little grit

I’ve ne'er had an in-office microdermabrasion treatment, but I consciousness similar Microderm comes the closest to what I ideate it mightiness beryllium like, sloughing disconnected each the aged tegument cells. The texture, the benignant of nonsmell—I conscionable emotion it. I enactment it successful vigorously, for this newborn-baby radiant glow. I look guardant to the 2 days a week I bash it. On different days, I lavation my look with consecutive manuka honey—it’s benignant of grainy and works successful a less-powerful but akin skin-polishing way.

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    goop Beauty Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator goop, $125/$112 with subscription


  2. Comvita UMF™ 10+ Manduka Honey, goop, $57

    Comvita UMF™ 15+ Manduka Honey goop, $57



Look up astatine the entity

Every greeting aft dropping my kids off, I beryllium either connected my patio oregon a seat successful McCarren Park for 10 minutes to link with my higher power. I accidental the Saint Francis prayer, which I deliberation is beautiful. I inquire whoever is listening to support my kids from harm. I marque a constituent of looking up astatine the entity and sun; drenching myself successful vitamin D—and seeing that expanse of bluish oregon white—is bully for the caput and heart. The concealed is simply a calm tense strategy that runs connected bid and calm and debased cortisol. And lukewarm h2o with citrus alllll time long.


Play up your earthy hair texture

I emotion my hairsbreadth now, but it took a agelong time. When I was younger, it was the time of the waif model—Kate Moss, Amy Wesson, Kristen McMenamy—and they each had this ace fine, slippery hairsbreadth that their ears would instrumentality retired of, and I had my mom’s large hippie hairsbreadth that I hated. I was truthful silly—now I emotion my wavy texture. I lavation and information my hairsbreadth with Rahua shampoo—it smells similar palo santo, and I emotion it—then braid it up, truthful that I aftermath up with bully texture. Sometimes I sprinkle successful immoderate adust shampoo from Acure successful the greeting to refresh.

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    Rahua Voluminous
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  2. Rahua Voluminous Shampoo Refill, goop, $34

    Rahua Voluminous
    Shampoo Refill
    goop, $34


  3. Rahua Voluminous Conditioner, goop, $38

    Rahua Voluminous
    goop, $38


  4. Rahua Voluminous Conditioner Refill, goop, $36

    Rahua Voluminous
    Conditioner Refill
    goop, $36



Take a bath each night

I hold each time to get successful that Martini bath. It smells similar seaweed and rocks and the wrong of the earth. I conscionable privation to odor it close now. My ma loves baths and ever had a chaotic concoction of herbs and brackish we’d soak successful erstwhile I was increasing up—the mode Martini smells reminds maine of that. I get the h2o arsenic blistery arsenic possible, dump a ton of Epsom salts in, past parcel retired a small from the container each night, truthful I don’t squander it each astatine once. Then my kids travel astir wanting immoderate Martini, too. They deliberation it’s peculiar and effort to get successful with me, and I person to explicate that this is clip I’m taking for myself. I possibly ticker a amusement connected my iPad portion I’m successful there, oregon conscionable beryllium successful peace. When I get out, the full location smells similar the formation successful Michigan aft a rainstorm, and the adjacent greeting my sheets odor truthful good, and I conscionable consciousness purified.

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    goop Beauty “The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath Soak goop, $35



Balance flexibility with strength

I’m hyperflexible—since I was two, I could enactment my limb down my head—but it’s really caused maine symptom each my life, truthful I bash Pilates and immoderate yoga to support myself arsenic beardown arsenic possible, hence the one-handed cartwheels (and immoderate backbends). Sitting each time makes maine consciousness stagnant and depleted, truthful my implicit imagination would beryllium figuring retired a mode to thatch portion hiking successful the mountains surrounded by evergreens and caller air.

  1. goop picks

    Manduka GRP Yoga Mat, goop, $130

    Manduka GRP Yoga Mat goop, $130


  2. OPTP LoRox Aligned Foam Roller

    OPTP LoRox Aligned Foam Roller goop, $54



Dress up your vegetables—and your table

I emotion a bounty, tons of small plates of delights to take from—caramelized onions, a challah loaf, tabbouleh, homemade hummus, immoderate pickled vegetables. I effort to marque it each look benignant of Instagram-y. I emotion Ottolenghi recipes, and I’ve been cooking from My Father’s Daughter for years (I unrecorded for the anchovy vinaigrette, truthful bully implicit a chicory and escarole oregon cabbage salad, and it reminds maine of my dad, who died 4 years agone this month. He was the king of smoked food and believed an anchovy made everything better. Each twelvemonth connected his day I marque a small altar for him with immoderate rye crackers, an onion, a lemon, and a tin of anchovies.) My kids are obsessed with beans and rice—I navigator mostly vegetarian, and their dada does meat—so I marque that, with tons of roast vegetables, immoderate benignant of miso-ginger sauce, pumpkin seeds, tons of avocado, arugula, and chard, positive peppers and cucumbers I turn connected the patio.

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    Grand Central Life & Style My Father’s Daughter goop, $32


  2. Penguin Random House Ottolenghi Simple, goop, $35

    Penguin Random House Ottolenghi Simple goop, $35


  3. goop Home Oval Roaster, goop, $150

    goop Home Oval Roaster goop, $150



Love what
you do

I consciousness the astir astatine location with myself aft a time of being in it teaching—a 100 hours could spell by, and I wouldn’t adjacent realize. I ain my ain company, truthful I marque my ain hours, and I emotion that. I write, teach, excavate stories, and link with my students from a precise real place.


Put your phone down

No telephone successful my chamber astatine night, nary telephone astatine dinner, and I don’t person galore apps connected my phone. It hurts my feelings erstwhile idiosyncratic I’m talking to is staring astatine their phone, truthful I effort to enactment disconnected arsenic overmuch arsenic I can.


Work connected serenity from the wrong out

When my kids are upset, I archer them calming the assemblage is arsenic important arsenic calming the mind. I enactment them successful the bath oregon springiness them a full-body avocado-oil rubdown. They’ve known astir exfoliating their tegument since they were little—we telephone it “scratchy scratchy.” We speech a batch astir what we’re grateful for, radical we privation to beryllium respectful toward, and being kind. What shows up connected your look has a batch to bash with what you consciousness successful your bosom and brain. Going retired for an awesome repast successful a large outfit, getting a batch of sun, sweating done a hard workout, taking a Martini bath, spending a time having amusive with my friends oregon kids—all of that brings maine joyousness and makes maine feel, and astir apt look, my best. You tin spot serenity successful someone’s look and successful their posture.

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