Cherry Blow Dry Bar in Clarendon Closes Due to Financial Troubles

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Cherry Blow Dry Bar successful Clarendon (staff photo)

Cherry Blow Dry Bar, which has operated astatine 1041 N. Highland Street successful Clarendon for just implicit six years, closed earlier this month, citing fiscal issues.

“We fundamentally closed due to the fact that we utilized each the operating superior we had available,” said Jonathan Carver, who owned the Clarendon stroke adust barroom for the past 2 years, and closed it connected Aug. 2.

Carver said the salon simply had much more costs — including the precocious rent successful a premier buying country — than it had gross from the blowouts. The salon scraped by earlier COVID-19, but could not retrieve with the dilatory reopening complaint mandated by the state, helium said.

“There’s lone truthful overmuch radical are consenting to wage for wash, adust and style. It was a precise elemental service. You can’t complaint $300 for that. I deliberation it would person done amended successful a cheaper location,” said Carver. “I had truly bully employees and astir of them were loyal. There was nary mode I was going to beryllium capable to wage them good and wage the rent.”

Kaleemah Woodward, a Cherry worker since the Clarendon determination opened successful 2014, says she has been dealing with confused and disappointed clients successful the aftermath of the closure.

“People had implicit 40 stroke dries near connected their relationship and person nary mode to get that wealth back,” Woodward said. “I person the vexation of not having answers for them.”

Cherry charged $150 for four monthly stroke dries. She said radical were hopeless to get the wealth refunded but person had nary luck. That’s due to the fact that determination is simply nary wealth to wage customers back, Carver said.

“If [customers] tried to get wealth retired of the franchise, they could unit it into bankruptcy, but it would outgo much successful ineligible fees due to the fact that the franchise has nary money,” helium said.

Woodward said Cherry Blow Dry’s firm bureau owns the lease until 2025, but is looking to merchantability to a section concern owner.

Patrons aren’t the lone ones retired of luck — the employees are besides successful a tricky situation, arsenic galore don’t person cosmetology licenses, according to Woodward.

In 2018, Gov. Ralph Northam passed a law successful Virginia allowing unlicensed stylists to enactment astatine salons arsenic agelong arsenic they didn’t permanently change hair. That’s good for stroke dries, but not for much progressive services, which means that galore Cherry employees either person to get their cosmetology licenses oregon are faced with constricted enactment opportunities.

Drybar, a akin stroke adust salon with a determination successful Ballston Quarter, is temporarily closed.

Woodward is present freelancing and taking donations arsenic she works to gain her cosmetology license. She aims to acceptable up a workplace successful her apartment, offering the aforesaid woody Cherry did: $150 for 4 blowouts a month.

The closure besides cuts heavy for the stylist and for loyal customers.

“A portion of my individuality is benignant of gone,” she said.

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