BT broadband customers can get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free

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(Pocket-lint) - BT is offering escaped Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to caller and existing customers who instrumentality its Full Fibre Max 500 oregon 900 broadband packages.

Those signing up for Full Fibre Max 500 volition get six-months escaped Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes Cloud Gaming (to play connected mobile), much than 300 games to play crossed Xbox consoles and PC, positive Xbox Live Gold for online play and addiitonal monthly escaped games.

 Full Fibre Max 900 customers volition get 12-months worth.

This latest comes connected apical of an existing connection whereby BT provides Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for £10 a period arsenic an enactment for each broadband customers.

To get the astir from the subscription, it helps if you person an Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and/or a gaming PC. However, it's not wholly indispensable arsenic Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers much than 200 games to beryllium played implicit the net connected a connected device, specified arsenic an iPhone, iPad oregon Android telephone oregon tablet. You'll request a Bluetooth controller for astir games, though galore besides connection touchscreen controls.

BT's Full Fibre Max 500 and 900 plans connection net speeds up to 500Mbps and 900Mbps respectively.

You tin find retired much about BT broadband and offers close here.

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