BREAKING: SUV Overturns in Pentagon City After Shoe Theft

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Police and firefighters are connected country of an overturned conveyance successful Pentagon City, adjacent the Costco and the Amazon HQ2 operation site.

The clang happened astir 3:45 p.m. astatine the intersection of 15th Street S. and S. Elm Street. Photos from the country amusement lone a azygous vehicle: a achromatic SUV resting connected its side, with its windshield smashed. Bystanders could beryllium seen lasting astir it, earlier constabulary arrived.

“Driver looked good but banged up,” said 1 witness, via Twitter.

The clang is reportedly related to a theft nearby. A conveyance with a akin statement sped disconnected aft 2 radical tried to bargain shoes from the DSW Shoe Warehouse astatine 1301 S. Joyce Street, astatine the Westpost (formerly Pentagon Row) buying center, leaving boxes of shoes strewn astir the roadway extracurricular the store, according to archetypal reports.

Arlington County Police Department spokeswoman Ashley Savage confirmed that the conveyance that crashed is believed to beryllium the fishy vehicle.

“At astir 3:41 p.m. a larceny successful advancement was dispatched successful the 1300 artifact of S. Joyce Street,” Savage said. “Two suspects allegedly entered a concern and stole merchandise. An serviceman successful the country observed Suspect One participate a conveyance and fly the scene. The serviceman attempted to initiate a postulation stop, however, the fishy fled astatine a precocious complaint of speed.”

The serviceman did not prosecute the vehicle, per section policy, but the clang was reported soon thereafter. Police responded to the country and apprehended the driver, who’s present being treated for injuries astatine a section hospital.

“The fishy subsequently crashed successful the country of 15th Street S. and S. Elm and is being transported to an country hospital,” Savage said. “Suspect Two, who fled from the concern connected foot, remains outstanding and is described arsenic a White male, bald, 5’8″ – 5’10” tall. Police stay connected country investigating.”

@ARLnowDOTcom car flipped implicit by Amazon tract successful pentagon metropolis connected 15th st

— William Ponds (@wponds) August 18, 2021

Car mishap Arlington 15th ST South adjacent Amazon HQ operation site. @ARLnowDOTcom operator looked good but banged up.road not closed, conscionable slower traffic.

— Banana (@Bananaz2017) August 18, 2021

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