Best smartwatch 2021: Top options available for every budget

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(Pocket-lint) - When trying to fig retired which is the champion smartwatch for your needs, determination are plentifulness of things to consider. 

Especially for those caller to the area, placing a wearable connected the wrist and unlocking a caller mode to entree notifications, apps and fittingness tracking tin consciousness a small daunting. 

Luckily, determination are present tons of large options to research successful the smartwatch tract - whether your penchant is with Apple, Samsung, Fitbit oregon thing other entirely.

To assistance you constrictive things down erstwhile choosing betwixt antithetic styles, operating systems and price, we've compiled our apical smartwatch recommendations - updating regularly successful bid to origin successful reviews of the latest devices connected the market.

This buyer's usher covers smartwatches connected assorted platforms, including Google's Wear OS to Apple's watchOS. If you are lone funny successful Wear OS smartwatches or Apple Watch options, we person abstracted features you tin work to find the cleanable smartwatch for you. 

Our existent 'Top Pick' for the champion smartwatch is the Apple Watch SE. However, we besides urge considering the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Apple Watch Series 7, Fitbit Versa 3 and Huawei Watch 3.

Best Smartwatch: Our Top Pick


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Apple Watch SE



  • Great value
  • Brilliant Apple integration
  • Superb sensors


  • No always-on display

The Apple Watch SE misses disconnected a mates of the much accomplished Series 7's features, including the always-on display, humor oxygen sensor and ECG sensor, but it has the Series 6's design, runs the aforesaid bundle and it's cheaper.

By pulling unneurotic immoderate of the champion parts of the discontinued Series 4 and Series 5, the Watch SE is an affordable introduction constituent to the Apple Watch, offering a large middle-ground betwixt the sensor-rich Series 7 and the older Series 3.

Smartwatches we besides recommend

Here are 4 different stellar smartwatches to see picking up.


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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4



  • Great design
  • Impressive tracking
  • Good value


  • Basically Android-only

Samsung's been making awesome smartwatches for a fewer years, and the Galaxy Watch 4 shows however acold it's come.

The plan is simply a small understated, but we similar that a lot, and this is astir apt Wear OS performing arsenic good arsenic it can. The watch's tracking is impressive, and it offers a large bundle for Android telephone users.


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Apple Watch Series 7



  • Sensor-packed
  • Brilliant display
  • Improved charging


  • Pretty expensive

The Apple Watch Series 7 improves connected the SE with a bigger display, on with a mates of other sensors, including a humor oxygen sensor and an always-on altimeter. 

For some, it volition beryllium sensor overload and the Watch SE volition much than suffice. For others, contempt the sensors feeling similar a spot of a tick-box exercise, there's inactive nary amended smartwatch connected the marketplace for iPhone users.


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Huawei Watch 3



  • Nice design
  • Great connectivity


  • Lack of third-party apps

Huawei has been refining and improving connected its smartwatches for a fewer years now, and the Watch 3 represents an awesome leap forward.

It's moved implicit to HarmonyOS for much power implicit its ain software, and the plan is Huawei's champion yet, with a tasteful look and premium feel. The lone happening truly holding it backmost is third-party app enactment that mightiness travel bully successful time.


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Fitbit Versa 3



  • Good price
  • Great tracking


  • Basic smartwatch experience

Fitbit's Versa 3 is the cleanable blend betwixt a fittingness tracker's features and a smartwatch design. For those that privation a holistic overview of their wellness and fitness, it doesn't truly get amended than this. 

Now successful its 3rd generation, Fitbit has refined the Versa's plan beautifully. It's 1 of the fewer watches we've tested that we person consistently affirmative compliments astir - with galore mistaking it for an Apple Watch.

Other products we considered

The Pocket-lint editorial squad spends hours investigating and researching hundreds of products earlier recommending our champion picks for you. We see a scope of factors erstwhile it comes to putting unneurotic our champion guides including physically investigating the products ourselves, user reviews, marque quality, and value. Many of the devices we see don’t marque our last champion guides.

These are the products we considered that yet didn't marque our apical 5:

How to take the champion smartwatch for you

Now much than ever, determination are perfectly loads of options retired determination successful the smartwatch market, truthful picking the close 1 for you tin beryllium a spot of a challenge. 

How to prime the close size smartwatch

A cardinal determination is to determine however large you privation your ticker to beryllium - astir smartwatches scope from 38mm to 46mm oregon truthful successful size, reflecting the galore sizes of mean watches available.

Working retired what you similar tin truly constrictive the field, truthful is simply a large archetypal step.

How overmuch should you wage for a smartwatch?

The adjacent happening to deliberation astir could beryllium your budget, which volition besides constrain what you tin choose. If you're looking to walk little than £200/$200, for example, determination are less prime options to spell for. 

Equally, if you're blessed to walk implicit £500/$500 you unfastened yourself up to premium options similar galore Garmin watches. Spending overmuch beneath £150/$150 starts to marque prime power difficult, but each the options connected our database supra are harmless bets. 

Smartwatch artillery life

Another cardinal information for a smartwatch is artillery life. Most of the fashionable mainstream options similar the Apple Watch and Wear OS devices volition conflict to marque it done 2 days. In general, the much features you get, the shorter the artillery beingness mightiness be.

However, portion immoderate models bash negociate a week-long artillery oregon better, we'd accidental that astir radical get utilized to a nightly complaint beauteous easy - it's not a immense sacrifice, successful our eyes. 

What features should a smartwatch have?

Features offered by smartwatches alteration massively, but immoderate you should look retired for see standalone GPS, which is truly adjuvant for fittingness tracking.

Bluetooth is besides truly useful, to link to headphones and more, and being capable to store euphony offline tin beryllium large for taking runs without your phone. 

Sleep tracking is different optional other that immoderate smartwatches manage, portion heart-rate monitoring is astir ubiquitous astatine this stage. Some much precocious watches mightiness besides battalion successful SpO2 monitors, but you're improbable to request this. 

More astir this story

Every merchandise successful this database has been tested successful real-life situations, conscionable arsenic you would usage it successful your day-to-day life.

That's adjacent much existent than accustomed successful the lawsuit of a smartwatch, since it truly does travel you connected your full day, via your wrist. We've worn each of the watches we've selected, and those that haven't made our cut, for weeks astatine a time. We don't conscionable deterioration them passively, but usage them during workout and training, since truthful galore watches present revolve astir fittingness metrics and wellness tracking.

This helps america to physique up a thorough representation of each watch's pros and cons, and to enactment retired however they should rank. We attraction profoundly astir the plan ethos evident successful each device, and however they look connected your wrist arsenic good arsenic however overmuch originative power you person to marque it look and consciousness however you like.

Software prime is besides key, fixed the disparity betwixt antithetic OS options connected the smartwatches available, and pricing is simply a immense last adaptable to find quality. After all, luxury watches are thing new, but a smartwatch lasts distinctly little impressively than an heirloom Omega.

We aren’t funny successful pointless fig crunching oregon extraneous details - we conscionable privation to supply an casual to recognize reappraisal that gives you an thought of what it's going to beryllium similar to use. And don’t for a 2nd deliberation that the products aren't tested afloat due to the fact that the reviews are concise.

We’ve been covering tech since 2003, and, successful galore cases, person not lone reviewed the merchandise successful question, but the erstwhile generations, excessively - close backmost to the archetypal exemplary connected the market. There is besides plentifulness of models we've considered that didn't marque the chopped successful each of our buyer's guides.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Editing by Conor Allison. Originally published connected 2 January 2015.

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