Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Includes Hundreds Of Fixes, Changes, And Improvements

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Battlefield 2042 launched conscionable a fewer weeks ago, and if the speech surrounding it tin beryllium summarized by 1 word, that word is “bugs.” 

Game Informer’s ain reviewer said 2042 is “an different coagulated online shooter bogged down by an abundance of bugs,” and that’s a sentiment echoed crossed the full battlefield discourse. To EA and DICE’s credit, though, the squad down the crippled has been unfastened astir the things it needs to fix, and Update 3, which hits the crippled tomorrow, is different illustration of that. 

“With this update, we’re addressing further bugs and feedback areas which we’ve observed done your gameplay since November 12,” DICE’s post astir the update reads. “This means you tin expect a ample magnitude of fixes, equilibrium changes, and prime of beingness enhancements to travel your way.” 

You tin presumption DICE’s expansive 2042 Update 3 fixes, changes, and improvements database here – it’s huge, with hundreds of slug points, each detailing a antithetic hole oregon alteration coming to the shooter. 

As for what’s caller successful Update 3 beyond fixes, DICE says Weekly Missions are making their mode into the game. 

“There volition beryllium a full of 3 varying missions each week which you tin way via the main menu,” the blog station reads. “Completing a ngo volition reward you with subordinate XP. Finish each of the disposable missions that week, and you’ll person a unsocial cosmetic reward.”

On the Battlefield Portal broadside of things, caller crippled mode layouts for Rush person been added for All-Out Warfare maps. DICE is besides adding respective caller templates to the Builder, a caller customized mode called Vehicle Team Deathmatch, which allows players to utilize combat vehicles successful customized experiences. This besides supports logic created successful Portal’s Rules Editor. 

In presumption of Quality of Life changes, DICE says to expect respective improvements wrong the Collection surface menus to marque customizing loadouts and Plus Menus easier – basically, you won’t person to click arsenic overmuch successful menus. UI elements during gameplay person besides been enhanced, according to the blog post, and players should announcement accrued visibility and reduced clutter passim the game. 

Be definite to work the afloat update for further details, the afloat breakdown of fixes and changes coming to 2042, and more. Check retired our thoughts connected the crippled successful Game Informer’s Battlefield 2042 review aft that and past work astir however more Steam users are playing Farming Simulator 22 than Battlefield 2042

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