Back 4 Blood review: A bloody good time

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(Pocket-lint) - It mightiness not person the aforesaid name, but ohio connection is it bully to get a caller Left 4 Dead successful this time and age. From immoderate of the minds that spawned Valve's stunning zombie shooters, Back 4 Blood is simply a sequel successful each but name, bringing the older game's four-person co-op into the caller world.

With astute updates to support the play loop rewarding and a trouble strategy that gives you loads of control, this is simply a rip-roaring bully clip successful co-op, and fundamentally a must-play for anyone looking for amusive online games connected Xbox Games Pass.

It's the extremity of the world

Back 4 Blood presents a imaginativeness of a zombie apocalypse that's a small little isolated than Left 4 Dead's was. Rather than astir hopeless chases done to dubious safety, you're dropped into Fort Hope, a assemblage of survivors.

There are existent characters here, non-player ones! You'll perceive them explicate what you're going to beryllium doing successful your adjacent run, and spot their roles successful the camp. While it's inactive story-telling with a airy touch, it's rather bully to consciousness that you're portion of thing alternatively than a lone survivor.

There is simply a roster of characters for you to take from, with a load of cosmetics unlockable for each, truthful you besides person the state to thin into a look for a quality that you gel with. Unique traits similar reduced damage, faster healing and others bash marque your prime applicable to gameplay, too.

It each contributes to the feeling of a small much anticipation and optimism arsenic you look hordes of undead nasties, but that isn't to accidental that things are going good the full time. You're inactive precise overmuch up against stacked odds, and the zombies person plentifulness of tricks up their sleeves.

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In the main run mode, you'll beryllium moving from constituent A to B astir of the time, occasionally breached up by moments wherever you person to support clasp of 1 area. It's 1 of those formats that ain't broke and truthful required nary fixing, truthful it's nary astonishment that it works truthful good again.

There's besides a horde mode that lets you spot however agelong you tin clasp retired against ever-increasing waves of enemies, and a squad of peculiar zombies controlled by different players. It's chaotic fun, and being up against existent enemies makes it consciousness each the much challenging.

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Just similar successful Left 4 Dead, you'll besides get plentifulness of colourful audio-visual flair arsenic you tally done levels: from graffiti and scrawled messages successful harmless rooms, to the repartee that your radical shares among themselves.

Play your cards right

Still, this isn't a Left 4 Dead game, which is thing that becomes evident rapidly aft you commencement playing. The existent bosom of Back 4 Blood is successful its platform strategy - a scope of modifiers that you tin cod arsenic you marque your mode done its levels.

These cards travel successful the bid you put them, and connection you buffs to assistance you, from quicker reloads to melee attacks that heal you somewhat oregon supply faster question speed. At first, you person lone a fewer to use, but you'll rapidly unlock loads more.

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Just arsenic you tin play them, though, the crippled volition antagonistic with buffs for your enemies, possibly swathing the level successful heavy fog oregon making definite peculiar infected zombies much resilient. It's a tug of warfare that tin marque each your runs consciousness chiseled successful a mode that's straight reminiscent of roguelikes.

On the lowest trouble - which is wherever each subordinate should commencement and thing that could beryllium a small amended communicated - your cards are bully bonuses that marque things consciousness unique. Bump up the challenge, though, and you'll realise that they're the full constituent of the game.

Without well-chosen cards, you'll conflict to get precise far. Unlocking much volition massively widen the scope of options you person arsenic you play. Of course, the different large portion of your arsenal is the weaponry you'll wield.

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Weaponry runs the gamut from battle rifles and SMGs to handguns, shotguns and sniper rifles, with a just fewer amusive melee options arsenic well. These each grip differently, but the gunplay is possibly the astir pleasant astonishment Back 4 Blood offers up - due to the fact that it's great!

There's a snappiness to everything; a quickness that you tin heighten with the close cards, that makes you consciousness similar you've got loads of control. Plus, with a immense scope of attachments to find astir the levels arsenic you explore, you'll beryllium capable to kit them retired to suit your playstyle.

Good gory fun

A large portion of wherefore shooting up the undead is truthful satisfying successful Back 4 Blood, though, besides has to travel down to its ocular plan - which mightiness not stone the vessel but has a clear-cut efficacy to it.

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Turtle Rock Studios has done a good occupation of getting a modular undead close - these moving nasties instrumentality bullets gorily and dice satisfyingly. There're peculiar variants, from vomitous lumberers to shambling rotten hags and overgrown gym-freaks.

The enactment connected silhouettes, to marque definite that you tin archer what force you're looking astatine near-instantly, isn't rather arsenic clear-cut and cleanable arsenic backmost successful the Left 4 Dead days, but it's adjacent capable to get large credit, which again plays into however creaseless gameplay feels.

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The satellite itself is simply a bully substance of grim and agleam - determination are haunting forests and farms, but besides suburban settings, truthful the assortment is well-pitched. It besides knows to driblet successful moments of levity, beryllium it dialog oregon interludes similar a raucous combat successful a barroom utilizing a Black Betty-playing jukebox to gully the horde your way.

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That does mean that the haunting, mournful code of the Left 4 Dead games has slipped distant a bit, but whether that's a shame is wholly down to idiosyncratic taste.

It mightiness not consciousness similar an all-time introduction successful the canon of zombie worlds, but Back 4 Blood feels immersive and spooky capable to thoroughly convince.


Playing co-op successful Back 4 Blood is simply a throwback pleasure, with large gunplay and loads of amusive to beryllium had, but it's the modern touches that marque it truly impressive. A cleverly designed platform strategy means that you person power implicit elements of your runs, opening up strategies and planning.

With a bully magnitude of assortment to get done and a fewer modes to explore, this is simply a large enactment for anyone starved of immoderate co-operative fun. If you're connected Xbox Games Pass, meanwhile, its inclusion makes it a full must-try.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 14 October 2021.

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