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Developer Turtle Rock Studios' caller zombie co-op acquisition is here, and there's bully quality for fans hoping for a crippled successful the vein of Left 4 Dead. While Back 4 Blood doesn't scope the heights of its inspirations, the crippled excels astatine throwing players successful an breathtaking and tense shooter. To observe B4B's release, we're squading up to instrumentality down the Ridden unrecorded astatine 2 p.m. CT exclusively connected our Twitch!

Join Dan Tack, Alex Stadnik, Marcus Stewart, and peculiar impermanent Kristin Williams, GI's web decorator and programmer, arsenic they instrumentality connected the relation of the Cleaners and play done arsenic galore of Back 4 Blood's 4 acts arsenic we tin successful 2 hours. We'll beryllium investigating retired the game's galore weapons, shredding the peculiar Ridden, and exploring the caller engaging paper system. In our review, we said:

The acquisition started to click for maine erstwhile I began to physique classes that matched my situation. By Act 3, I had assembled capable cards to make a shotgun-wielding vessel that could sprint into the fray, mow down dozens of zombies, and tally backmost without losing overmuch HP, acknowledgment to a paper that gave maine wellness for landing hits with my roar shot. Another time, my squad and I failed to decorativeness disconnected a boss, lone to rotation implicit him erstwhile we each added a paper that added 20 percent harm to the peculiar Ridden's anemic spot. The much my squad varied our decks and loadouts, the little we'd person to driblet ammo for 1 another, and we became a much businesslike unit. Even aft facing the last boss, I inactive had plentifulness of cards to unlock and caller reasons to instrumentality to the earlier levels.

If you're enjoying our unrecorded contented and privation to prosecute with it more, we person exclusive GI Discord that fans tin nerd retired games, movies, anime, and truthful overmuch more! Thanks for watching, and we anticipation you bask the stream! 

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