Arlington’s Rise in Covid Cases May Be Slowing

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After a period of rising Covid cases, determination are immoderate signs that the maturation successful caller cases appears to beryllium slowing.

The seven-day moving mean of caller regular cases accrued by lone 1 implicit the past week, the slowest play maturation since the county’s coronavirus lawsuit number started rising 1 period ago, amid the nationwide surge of the virus’ delta variant.

It’s unclear whether the leveling disconnected is simply a impermanent blip oregon the commencement of a sustained trend, however. The United Kingdom, which saw its Covid cases commencement to emergence successful precocious May amid the delta wave, reached a highest successful cases roughly 2 months later, though the complaint of caller cases remains elevated compared to that country’s outpouring lull.

Arlington County’s trial positivity rate, meanwhile, has risen from 0.4% connected July 1 to 3.7% connected Thursday, according to Virginia Dept. of Health data. Over the erstwhile 5 days, however, the complaint lone roseate by 0.1%.

Over the past week, six Covid-related hospitalizations and 1 decease person been reported. It’s the archetypal reported Covid-related decease successful Arlington since the extremity of June, according to VDH data.

On Thursday the U.S. Food and Drug medication approved Covid vaccine boosters for immoderate immunocompromised individuals. Arlington County said Sunday that it was not yet prepared to administer booster shots and recommended that those eligible for them spell to a pharmacy instead.

Participating pharmacies tin beryllium recovered astatine oregon by calling 877-VAX-IN-VA (877-829-4682, TTY users telephone 7-1-1).

— Arlington County (@ArlingtonVA) August 15, 2021

There are reports that the Biden medication is moving connected a program to let the wide colonisation to person booster shots successful the fall, amid questions astir the efficacy of the vaccines implicit time, peculiarly against the much contagious delta variant.

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