All Blacks star stunned by controversial send-off

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A arguable reddish paper handed to All Blacks prima Jordie Barrett against the Wallabies has divided opinions successful the opening fractional of the 2 teams' Bledisloe Cup clash.

Barrett, who scored the archetypal effort of the match, was fixed his marching orders aft inadvertently collecting Marika Koroibete successful the caput successful the 28th minute.

The incidental occurred erstwhile Barrett was nether a precocious shot and raised his genu to support his landing space. However, a 2nd enactment saw his limb widen retired with the studs from his footwear going consecutive into Koroibete's face.

A intelligibly contrite Barrett instantly checked connected Koroibete aft the play arsenic the Wallabies prima was attended to by trainers, earlier being near stunned arsenic helium was sent off.

The sending disconnected besides stunned All Blacks large Andrew Mehrtens, who was connected the cusp of saying New Zealand's No.15 would person a yellowish erstwhile helium was sent off.

Jordie Barrett was near arsenic stunned arsenic everyone erstwhile helium was fixed his marching orders successful the 28th infinitesimal (Nine)

"As helium went up, helium ended up having to tilt his assemblage successful the air, truthful it's astir apt earthy for his limb to travel out," helium said connected Nine's coverage.

"I deliberation successful the aged strategy helium would've got a yellow. I deliberation the information that they cognize it's not going to trim them to 14 men for the remainder of the crippled tin measurement connected that and past they tin person a amended look astatine it.

"I don't deliberation it's deliberate, nevertheless [it is] reckless and the effect comes into it astatine that point."

Former Wallabies prima Drew Mitchell said that portion the telephone to sent Barrett disconnected was harsh, it was a close 1 according to the existent rules.

"Going done it, nonstop interaction with the ft to the head, by the missive of the instrumentality that constitutes a reddish card, accidental oregon not," helium said.

Marika Koroibete was near struggling to initially spot retired of his close oculus aft copping Barrett's studs to his look (Nine)

"You reverse this and you accidental it's a enarthrosis and it would beryllium the aforesaid outcome. Look, it's a pugnacious one, but by the missive of the instrumentality the referee has got that 1 right."

"For mine, it's 100 per cent accidental," ex-Wallaby Morgan Turinui added.

"It's inactive unsafe interaction to the head. He's up there, drives the genu up and it is simply a footwear retired successful front.

"What was truly important was instantly aft this was the play went connected and Jordie Barrett went consecutive to Marika Koroibete connected the crushed to cheque if helium was okay. Does this represent arsenic unsafe play with that interaction to the head?"

The incidental was the 1 dampener successful a ascendant archetypal fractional for the All Blacks, who took an 18-0 pb into the interruption successful Perth, grabbing the last 5 points of the fractional contempt having conscionable 14 players connected the parkland owed to Barrett's send-off.

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