9/11 Pentagon Memorial May Not Be Open to Public on 9/11 Due to COVID Protocols

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The National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial (courtesy of 9/11 Trail)

The National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial is currently closed to the nationalist owed COVID protocols and whitethorn not beryllium unfastened to the nationalist by September 11, a Pentagon spokesperson confirms to ARLnow.

The Department of Defense closed down the 9/11 Memorial and nationalist tours again earlier this month owed to an increase successful COVID-19 cases successful the region.

At this point, it’s improbable that the memorial successful Arlington volition beryllium reopened to the nationalist connected September 11, the 20th day of the onslaught connected the Pentagon.

“We tin not foretell erstwhile it volition beryllium unfastened again,” Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough tells ARLnow.

As of August 2, the Pentagon preservation has been nether Health Protection Condition Bravo (HPCON Bravo), meaning there’s “moderate” assemblage transmission. This lines up with CDC’s information connected August 2 showing that Arlington, arsenic a whole, was seeing “substantial” assemblage transmission. (It was precocious upgraded to “high” by the CDC.)

Gough says the restrictions connected the memorial volition lone loosen erstwhile the full preservation moves to HPCON Alpha — “limited” assemblage transmission.

While the memorial is outside, it operates nether the parameters of the full Pentagon. Meaning, it volition lone reopen to the nationalist erstwhile the Defense Department shifts the full preservation backmost to HPCON Alpha.

While the memorial astir apt won’t beryllium unfastened for visitation by the wide public, determination volition beryllium a tiny ceremonial connected the greeting of September 11 for families and invited guests only.

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