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How to share a password via LastPass with others in 3 simple steps


  • You can easily share a password via LastPass with others without worrying about cyber security issues in the process. 
  • With LastPass, for example, you can share your account information for streaming services such as Netflix and HBO Go in a few easy steps.
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Although companies are cracking down, we all know that sharing account information for streaming services like Netflix and HBO Go is quite common.

If you abide by proper cyber security practices, you should be using a different password for each of your accounts — you probably don't want your friends to know your online banking login information. 

However, that can make it a tad difficult when it's time to scrounge up the needed password to share with a friend or family member.

Fortunately, LastPass has an elegant solution: Not only will the password manager store and encrypt your plethora of passwords, LastPass makes it easy to share a password between one another.

Here are the three simple steps required to share a password via LastPass. 

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How to share a password via LastPass

1. Access your vault on, or open the app on a Mac or PC. 

1   How to share password via Lastpass

2. Hover over the program whose password you want to share, and click the overlapping portraits icon. 

2_ _How_to_share_password_via_Lastpass

3. Enter their email and click "Share."

4   How to share password via Lastpass

Have the recipient check their email. They'll click "Accept Shared Data" in the email from LastPass, and will be granted access to the shared password after logging in to their LastPass account, or creating one if they aren't account holders yet.


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